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Private Label Portal

The Global Match Maker for Private Label Portal

We the 3B Solution GmbH, are the technology solutions division of 3B Consulting GmbH & Co. KG. We are specialists of a carefully designed web portal, the 3B Private Label Portal. 
The 3B Private Label Portal brings together private label Manufacturers and Customers from around the world to enable invaluable collaborations and long-term business partnerships. To pave the way for efficient collaboration and increase business agility, Customers and Manufacturers from all parts of the world who produce and sell a variety of products can register with our Private Label Portal: 
The 3B Private Label Portal is designed for Manufacturers, Customers and Commercial Agents alike. 

Commercial Agent – Customer – Manufacturer

Commercial Agent

As a Commercial Agent you will enjoy various

adavantages of an international portal and

team with our 3B Private Label Portal.

Become part of our team:


Participate as a Manufacturer in our unique Private Label Portal.

Enjoy the advantages of a 3B Private Label Manufacturer and

become part of our uge network and the great products



Simplify your search for Private Label Manufacturers, reduce

your search time & enjoy the support of the 3B Private Label

Portal. Online through our portal and offline through our

experienced Commercial Agents.

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