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Acquisitions & Shareholdings

Develop companies

With the strategic business unit shareholdings and takeovers 3B act purposefully as investor. To expand our competencies and develop new synergy potentials, we are currently looking for a takeover option for an online marketing agency.
In the case of sold new tech start-ups, 3B is positioned as a strategy investor, seed funder or potential cooperation partner. In contrast to pure financial investors, 3B commits in the long term and strives to strengthen companies` sustainability, through the introduction of competent services and an established network to name. Thus 3B offer their partners new chances for the development of their company.

Real Estate

Preserve the value of real estate

As an investor, 3B provides attractive commercial real estate sites. The aim is to create long-term and appreciative partnerships within the lease relationship. Therefore, a common understanding of values ​​is indispensable for a successful business relationship. This applies in the area of ​​rental as well as in the field of real estate acquisition.